The Doctor Who Experience – Cardiff, Wales


Sci-fi nerds, unite!

Have you ever wanted to go on a journey with The Doctor? Ever wanted to be his companion? Then the Doctor Who Experience is for you. 


If you find yourself in Cardiff, Wales, make your way down to Cardiff Bay. You can purchase tickets either online, or in the building itself. However, if you want to save some money, go buy your tickets online.

You have the choice of either just the tour in the building, or the tour and a walking tour, which shows you the filming locations used in the show. If you are a huge fan of the show, you can also buy the tickets with a merchandise pack, full of shirts, postcards and other Doctor Who things. If choose to leave the merch pack behind, there is an onsite gift shop. 


I purchased my tickets online, and stuck with the cheapest option. However, it was more than enough. 

You go through with the time group you have selected and are almost immediately immersed in a journey with the Doctor. First a film comes on introducing the show and a slight history. Then you go through the crack in the wall to find a room full of props.

Matt Smith comes up on a huge television and tells you what to do next. You make your way through different rooms battling almost all of the enemies found in the show – Daleks included.


Following the show, you save the Doctor, after coming face to face with more enemies (you wear 3-D glasses making the last part more realistic). Then it is all over. 

You are ushered through another room where you find how the Tardis has evolved through the seasons, the different blue boxes and many costumes found in the show. 

If you are a Doctor Who nerd like myself, this is definitely worth the trip. 


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